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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Good Will from the old to the new----Old Sweaters to New Projects

Gina of Gina Quilts and Knits, is an amazing talented and creative lady. She completes an amazing number of projects. She always inspires me to step up my creative game.

Recently she posted pictures of an infinity scarf she twisted to make a meobis....from re-purposed yarn, ding, ding, ding. Gina had already knit a shawl from part of the yarn and then Kool Aid dyed more to make the moebis. Since the weather is changing it is time to get the dye pots out and have some fun.

I remembered how much fun it was to re-purpose yarn by raveling sweaters from Good Will. So, since we were already at Good Will I just had to check for sweaters. What a haul!!! I found one cotton and 4 wool sweaters. They look like they are about fingering weight which is my new favorite weight of yarn for knitting. SCORE.

These 66 years young eyes will wait for a bright morning when they are well rested and the fun shall begin.

This feels like a lambs wool, very soft and a large sweater

Close up, I am hoping that they carried the yarns right up the sides otherwise there will be many short pieces of yarn to join.

This wool is lovely variegated and will be fun to knit again.
Love the colors blends

You can see the subtle color changes in the close up. Yummy yarn. 

This is a very pretty soft blue color not the gray that the camera shows. It is lambs wool, viscose and angora, soft and a little bit fuzzy, but not too much to tickle my nose.

This yarm may have some over-dyeing, since it is such a pale shade. I can even do some hand painting and see what comes of it.

The red in this sweater is much deeper and richer. Many yards of yarn to be had. Excited to ravel it and see what it wants to be for it's second go round!

The cotton sweater it is a much deeper shade of teal than in this picture. I love the large stitches, this is more a worsted weight than fingering weight. Cotton is great for spring or summer.

This yarn may also have some over-dyeing or hand-painting. It will be fun to experiment.Will

Thank you Gina for your inspiration. 

I will keep you updated as these projects progress,

Happy Saturday everyone,