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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aunt Viv's New Tote

Mom's sister Aunt Viv is 92 years young. She needed a new knitting bag so Mom and I decided a denim tote would be perfect.

We decided it should have a monogram. Well the only problem with that is I have not used my machine embroidery software for several years. I am not exactly sure it is compatible with my current computer--the sad song goes on and on.

My dear friend Deb to the rescue. We designed and she stitched out a wonderful V for Vivian of course. Oh my goodness there are so many decisions to make on the design itself. Then there are the thread colors. In a short time though, the design was created, loaded and stitched. Thank you Deb!!

Of course there really wasn't a pattern for the tote bag either. That would be toooooo easy. We had some ideas on what would be good and what wouldn't.

I got some ideas online for making the flat bottom on the tote and printed them out.

Out came the rotary cutter and rulers and Voila the pieces were cut.

Mom did the sewing in a jiffy and the tote was done.

It was ready when mom flew up to Chicago for April and Peter's wedding.

Aunt Viv now lives in a fabulous retirement facility, where she is out and about all the time. She says her tote is perfect for carrying most anything back up to her apartment, and that she uses it almost every day.

Mom and I love a good quick challenge especially when there is fiber involved!!

Closeup of the tote, you can see the pocket across the front.  No extra charge for the  toes!!

The bottom folds flat but it is folded under here

The May Challenge

We have an amazing group of ladies who meet at a church near home every Thursday.

 Our leader challenged us to form teams and see how many items we could collect and donate to the local Children's home during the month of May. 

Who knew that we would get our game faces on and would get so competitive?

 It was much fun and ultimately the children were the winners. We celebrated with wonderful lunch and lots of fellowship.

I do lots of charity knitting and am known to "knit ahead". I have a stash of completed items and donate as projects come up. The sweaters and sets were from this stash.

Size 1 shorts

These were so much fun to make.. all size 1

Practice quilts using my long arm quilting machine

This is variegated thread that matches the stripes in the binding .  Another  practice quilt.

Monday, June 13, 2011

More little dresses

Mom absolutely loves to make these little dresses. we decided to make some in a size 12 for a change of pace. Since a rotary cutter makes cutting bias strips and fabric so easy I am cutting the fabric and she is doing all the sewing.

She hangs them on the door knob of her front closet door. As soon as I walk in I see what new and wonderful creation she has completed. 

It brings back fond memories of me coming home from school and seeing what new and wonderful creation she had made just for me. That always made me feel very loved and special. 

None of her creations were ever a disappointment. They were never less than perfect. 
Not now and not 5 decades ago. 

What a blessing to have such a wonderful mom who now lives literally 3 minutes away. Such a treat since we have lived thousands of miles away for the last twenty some years.

How special for the little girls who will also feel special and loved when they see their new dresses. 

Thanks Mom.
close up of green dress

Green dress size 12

another cherry dress size 12

Close up of cherry dress

Birthday quilts

A We have twin grandsons who turned 5 this month. Soooo Grammie made new quilts for them. 

Since it was a quick 3 day project,  I had to hurry and scurry to complete them for this weekend. 

What a  good thing they were printed panels. Also a great thing that my Gammill was ready, willing and able. 

The second quilt wound up with yellow corner squares in the border, and here is the back story on that. In an effort to save some time, I decided to get innovative and sew the two borders together before applying them to the quilt. A VERY BAD IDEA!

After removing and reapplying them twice, and trying to miter the corners there was no success. Even after deciding to add simple yellow corner squares, the squares needed to be cut three times.  

So, yes once again I have proved why I am a reader of "how to" books and not a writer!!!

 However the end result was very acceptable and the boys do not mind one little bit. So this project I am calling a complete success. Mission accomplished.
Marion was too quick for me--all I could capture was his ball and his Animal
Malin loves his new quilt

The two birthday quilts

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Daughter Jennifer came home with a book recently. That is not a rarity since Jen is an avid reader. However, this book peaked my interest. It is called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It looked friendly and inviting. It didn't look intimidating or look like you had to do many awful "positive lifestyle changes".

So it was worth a trip to Target and $12.00 to find out about such things.

Well, this book is AMAZING. In the first pages, I found myself nodding and agreeing with Gretchen. Yep, that was me. Oh and yes, that was for sure me. Oh my goodness in the first few pages I was hooked.  I cannot wait to start my happiness project.

Gretchen quotes many authors but she even brings up FlyLady, my mentor of over a decade. Now I was totally hooked.

For years I have talked about living the dream. I have had flashes of living the dream but they are always short-lived and fleeting. I haven't been able to figure out how to sustain success in this area.

So Jen and I are going to work on our happiness projects. We are going to live the dream.

It just occurred to me that I should not focus on "the" dream, but on "my dream". I can live my dream today. Just as I am, just as my life dream my way!!!

Love and hugs