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Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday quilts

A We have twin grandsons who turned 5 this month. Soooo Grammie made new quilts for them. 

Since it was a quick 3 day project,  I had to hurry and scurry to complete them for this weekend. 

What a  good thing they were printed panels. Also a great thing that my Gammill was ready, willing and able. 

The second quilt wound up with yellow corner squares in the border, and here is the back story on that. In an effort to save some time, I decided to get innovative and sew the two borders together before applying them to the quilt. A VERY BAD IDEA!

After removing and reapplying them twice, and trying to miter the corners there was no success. Even after deciding to add simple yellow corner squares, the squares needed to be cut three times.  

So, yes once again I have proved why I am a reader of "how to" books and not a writer!!!

 However the end result was very acceptable and the boys do not mind one little bit. So this project I am calling a complete success. Mission accomplished.
Marion was too quick for me--all I could capture was his ball and his Animal
Malin loves his new quilt

The two birthday quilts