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Sunday, January 7, 2018

What was I thinking?

I have been organizing in my studio and came upon this stack of blocks for a quilt. I have no idea when I started it but I think it was going to be a quick charity quilt. That was years ago.

The good thing about a large studio is that you can stash/store lots of things. The bad thing about a large studio is that you can stash/store lots of things.

The fabrics are from Connecting threads and have been in my stash -- no wait, my curated fabric collection-- for years.

While I was deconstructing Mom's birthday quilt I decided to tackle these blocks also.

It is a drop in the bucket in studio organizing but I will be plugging away at it this year and sharing progress here.

Mystery block uses a layer cake square and a charm square with  two 5x10 rectangles.

Deconstructed and ready to be put back into the stash.

Out with the old... Mom's quilt is out of hibernation again

Happy 2018 everyone. It is hard to believe that we are already into the second week of this new year.
It is always wonderful to greet a new year, full of possibilities!!
New projects to start and old projects to finish.

Mom's birthday quilt is out of hibernation again!! Firstly it needed a good pressing, so that part was easy. 
Mom's quilt was started in September of 2012 and has been in and out of hibernation numerous times. It took many months to piece all of the units but it certainly should have been finished years ago.

We just don't know what to do with it. The center is an eight pointed star that is paper pieced with all batik fabrics. I saw this star in a book and decided to make it into a quilt. That was the setup for the challenge right there. I have successfully designed lots of quilts over the years but none have been this challenging.

So when we have hit design impasses it has been put away and then it has been "out of sight and out of mind". However, this is the time to finish this quilt and enjoy the satisfaction that will come with completion of this quilt. No more hibernation!!

This lovely print is the inspiration for Mom's quilt. 

These are the paper pieced units that make up one arm of the center star. 

Mom designed the star from the units that I sewed.

Final layout for the star. 

Mom is working on designing one of the squares. This was March of 2016. I had all of the squares and triangles sewn around the star. I removed all of them so it would be easier to applique all these amazing shapes. 

I got an AccuQuilt die cutting machine for Christmas 2016. We decided it would be amazing to have applique squares and triangles surrounding the star. 
We got 6 of the 8 squares and triangles all ready to applique and decided we did not like it!! We decided the star should be the star. So I took all of the applique shapes off the setting squares and triangles and sewed them back to the star. Then I added the two borders below.
The top diamond border was the inner border and the lower piano key border was the second border.

We decided that we did not like the two borders because it made the quilt too big for the bed. So I removed both borders from the quilt and then from each other.

Next week I will bring the star top, the piano key border and some background fabric over to Mom's and we will try and come up with the ideal borders. This is the year we will succeed and will prevail.

More updates to follow. I can't wait to see this quilt finished and on Mom's bed. We will both be doing the happy dance when it's all done.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hats for 2017

Wow-- good to be back to blogging again. Life has had challenges since I last posted but things are good and life is good too.
Last year I donated 50 hats for cancer warriors and had planned to make 50 hats again this year. So finally I have started.

The patterns For Giving e-book are wonderful and always keep the hats fun. It's more of a formula than a pattern. It can be purchased on Ravelry.

You can find me as Mommabee on Ravelry.

There are options for the brim body and the decrease section at the crown.

It is easy to do a hat in a day, so there is hope for me to achieve my goal!!!

I'm experimenting to find a good size needle for the yarn. Since these patterns are meant to be extra warm many of the options use two strands of yarn.

The stitch on the body of the hats is called thermal stitch and it's warmer than just stockinette stitch.

Here are the first three. They are all adult size and the last two are an XL size.

 I am happiest with this hat. I used a size 8 needle. 

This hat is still really big. I used a size 9 needle

This hat is super large, but someone with a big noggin and lots of hair will be thrilled. I used a size 10 needle

Thursday, February 13, 2014

First quilt finish 2014 --- Northwoods Diva

This quilt was made for my cousin Laurie Anne, who lives in Northern Wisconsin. She is indeed the Northwoods Diva. In the quilting I put her name and Northwoods diva. It is well hidden and was such fun to do. This was a fun finish, I can't wait to get the time to do more quilting. 
If you look closely you can see the Laurie in the upper right corner Northwoods follows. You will see the N for Northwoods it is above the e in Laurie. Down and at about a 45 degree angle you can see the capital A for Anne. Of course all of this is backwards since picture is taken of the back of the quilt. Please excuse the stray threads. This was taken before they were clipped,
If you look closely you can see Brainerd Lakes area. My mom and all her siblings were born in Brainerd Minnesota.
There is no picture of the finished quilt,,,,, this is the best I can come up with. What kind of a quilter doesn't photograph the finished quilt? I guess that would be me.

Closeup of some of my quilting
You can see how pretty these prints are close up

Just say no!! and Winter storm Pax

Just say No!

When is enough enough? When is a knitting pattern too much hassle? and no fun anyway?

Over the past 4 or 5 days I have had a battle with a particular knitting pattern. It looks pretty and easy. Looks are deceiving.

Apparently at one point I found this pattern exciting enough to set it up on my Ravelry project page.

The chart was not readable, and the directions although clear were not easy.

I decided that I would have to beat this pattern, it would not beat me. So I did finally beat the pattern with the able assistance of DD Jennifer.

But in the end I decided to frog it instead of thinking I needed to complete what I had started. Why not? My yarn, my time, my decision.

It was liberating to just be finished with this and add one less unfinished knitting project to my life.

There are literally hundreds of patterns that will be just as pretty and more importantly FUN!

Closeup of the offending pattern

I won!!! 
As a fiber addict you can see that I have my priorities straight, knitting first and the storm of the decade, second.
Yes, this is the result so far of winter storm Pax.
We are still not out of the woods, At the moment we have snow and predictions are for rain this afternoon. More ice. I am grateful that we still have power and can just enjoy the snow day. All the kids are safely in their respective nests and hopefully none will have to work today.
Ice on the tree in my front yard, this poor tulip tree does not know what to do, I has budded several times this winter, poor tree.

front yard, this is a rare sight for South Carolina.

View from our screen porch. Very pretty, what you cannot see is the layer of ice under the new snow.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Good Will from the old to the new----Old Sweaters to New Projects

Gina of Gina Quilts and Knits, is an amazing talented and creative lady. She completes an amazing number of projects. She always inspires me to step up my creative game.

Recently she posted pictures of an infinity scarf she twisted to make a meobis....from re-purposed yarn, ding, ding, ding. Gina had already knit a shawl from part of the yarn and then Kool Aid dyed more to make the moebis. Since the weather is changing it is time to get the dye pots out and have some fun.

I remembered how much fun it was to re-purpose yarn by raveling sweaters from Good Will. So, since we were already at Good Will I just had to check for sweaters. What a haul!!! I found one cotton and 4 wool sweaters. They look like they are about fingering weight which is my new favorite weight of yarn for knitting. SCORE.

These 66 years young eyes will wait for a bright morning when they are well rested and the fun shall begin.

This feels like a lambs wool, very soft and a large sweater

Close up, I am hoping that they carried the yarns right up the sides otherwise there will be many short pieces of yarn to join.

This wool is lovely variegated and will be fun to knit again.
Love the colors blends

You can see the subtle color changes in the close up. Yummy yarn. 

This is a very pretty soft blue color not the gray that the camera shows. It is lambs wool, viscose and angora, soft and a little bit fuzzy, but not too much to tickle my nose.

This yarm may have some over-dyeing, since it is such a pale shade. I can even do some hand painting and see what comes of it.

The red in this sweater is much deeper and richer. Many yards of yarn to be had. Excited to ravel it and see what it wants to be for it's second go round!

The cotton sweater it is a much deeper shade of teal than in this picture. I love the large stitches, this is more a worsted weight than fingering weight. Cotton is great for spring or summer.

This yarn may also have some over-dyeing or hand-painting. It will be fun to experiment.Will

Thank you Gina for your inspiration. 

I will keep you updated as these projects progress,

Happy Saturday everyone,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy street--The New Bonnie Hunter Mystery

It is that time of year again. Bonnie Hunter's mystery for 2012 is in full swing. Bonnie, of Quiltville fame generously hosts a free mystery annually. It is so much fun.

I have completed clue one and am excited to see clue 2 tomorrow morning.

Click over to Linky Monday at Quiltville, scroll down and see the progress of over 200 of us from all over this big wide world. And of course if you would like to join us on Easy Street we would love to have you. There is always room for one more. We are having a ball.

I have 232 4-patch units for Clue 1. We only need 192 but I need to make mine larger so I just finished up all the strips I had cut. Not sure how many more I will need but this is a start. They are clipped together in groups of 10. This way I only need to count once. It is good to know how many units I have made and how many to go. 

These are some of the fabrics chosen for my quilt. There will be more variety from my stash but these are the "newbies".