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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Art Work Mom and Amy and Alcohol inks

What a fun Sunday. We had a mini art show when Mom and Amy came for dinner. They spent this afternoon exploring their new found favorite medium--alcohol ink. They are working on acetate and are looking forward to using some sort of masking materials. I don't have much of a clue how it all works but they do and that is what counts. Hope you enjoy the pretties.

Amy's painting in progress. She didn't have enough time to finish today, but is excited to work on it soon. 
This is a closeup of part of Amy's painting above. It shows the detail.  Amazing detail isn't it?
This is Mom's work in progress. She used alcohol inks for the background and then will paint the elephant.

This is Mom's first alcohol ink painting. I wish my phone camera could capture all the nuances of color. Maybe my new phone will produce a better picture. It is so pretty in real life.
Here is a closeup of all the detail in Mom's painting. Amazing is all I can say.

This one is Amy's first alcohol ink painting. The detail is easier to see because you guessed it -- a closeup.

Another Little Dress for Africa

Another Little dress for Africa made with love by Mom, with an extra large pocket because mom said she always loved to have a pocket for treasures. She has made many of these dresses and now excited to make many more in the near future. A family from our Quilt Guild will be traveling to Africa and will hand deliver dresses and shorts. Mom is branching out to make shorts too as soon as we get the details. Yay Mom
Another adorable dress 

NYE Mystery -- Suggestions for quilting the 9 patch blocks

Today is a pretty Carolina sunny day. Am waiting for kids and mom for Sunday dinner. Dinner is in 3 crock pots. So just a few last minute chores and we will be ready to enjoy. 

This is the top my daughter pieced from our current New Year's Eve mystery. I am finally getting around to quilting it. The backing is the same blue paisley fabric. I love her fabric choices. Mine is top is not nearly as wonderful. My fabriccs were from my stash and her's was brand new. In fairness Jen didn't have any fabrics that would have worked so she really did need to go and purchase new.

I have quilted the sashing and like it so far. but I cannot decide what to do in those 9 patches. Any suggestions? Any suggestions? I would appreciate your input.

Love the sub patterns especially these cute polka dot squares.
Happy Sunday,