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Monday, June 13, 2011

More little dresses

Mom absolutely loves to make these little dresses. we decided to make some in a size 12 for a change of pace. Since a rotary cutter makes cutting bias strips and fabric so easy I am cutting the fabric and she is doing all the sewing.

She hangs them on the door knob of her front closet door. As soon as I walk in I see what new and wonderful creation she has completed. 

It brings back fond memories of me coming home from school and seeing what new and wonderful creation she had made just for me. That always made me feel very loved and special. 

None of her creations were ever a disappointment. They were never less than perfect. 
Not now and not 5 decades ago. 

What a blessing to have such a wonderful mom who now lives literally 3 minutes away. Such a treat since we have lived thousands of miles away for the last twenty some years.

How special for the little girls who will also feel special and loved when they see their new dresses. 

Thanks Mom.
close up of green dress

Green dress size 12

another cherry dress size 12

Close up of cherry dress