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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aunt Viv's New Tote

Mom's sister Aunt Viv is 92 years young. She needed a new knitting bag so Mom and I decided a denim tote would be perfect.

We decided it should have a monogram. Well the only problem with that is I have not used my machine embroidery software for several years. I am not exactly sure it is compatible with my current computer--the sad song goes on and on.

My dear friend Deb to the rescue. We designed and she stitched out a wonderful V for Vivian of course. Oh my goodness there are so many decisions to make on the design itself. Then there are the thread colors. In a short time though, the design was created, loaded and stitched. Thank you Deb!!

Of course there really wasn't a pattern for the tote bag either. That would be toooooo easy. We had some ideas on what would be good and what wouldn't.

I got some ideas online for making the flat bottom on the tote and printed them out.

Out came the rotary cutter and rulers and Voila the pieces were cut.

Mom did the sewing in a jiffy and the tote was done.

It was ready when mom flew up to Chicago for April and Peter's wedding.

Aunt Viv now lives in a fabulous retirement facility, where she is out and about all the time. She says her tote is perfect for carrying most anything back up to her apartment, and that she uses it almost every day.

Mom and I love a good quick challenge especially when there is fiber involved!!

Closeup of the tote, you can see the pocket across the front.  No extra charge for the  toes!!

The bottom folds flat but it is folded under here