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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy October

Now that the weather is finally getting cooler here in Sunny South Carolina, it is time to bake and make wonderful cold weather foods.

After finding the wonderful Yahoo group Home canning, I was able to get enough information to buy a pressure canner. Of course these people are hard core canners!!! They are talking about canning whole chickens, sausage, peach apple sauce and some items I have never heard of.

Mind you all I want to do is can some soups and chili. But you know how it is when you are in a group of excited people, but canning fever has not overtaken me YET. So far I have not hijacked a produce truck or a Tyson Chicken truck.

Yesterday I made mom's famous banana bread. There were too many overripe bananas so I mashed and froze two containers. They even made it to the freezer inventory so there is hope that they will not be forgotten. I am ever hopeful that it will happen.

Today is Friday and Keith is coming home tonight. Since he has to go back on Sunday I am grateful for the extra night he will be home.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Nancy, an ever hopeful canning wannabee