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Sunday, September 23, 2012

20 Little Dresses for Africa and one Special Lady

Mom made 20 more Little Dresses for Africa in 9 days.

My quilt guild had a request for Little Dresses. One of our members is traveling to South Africa and was hoping to bring 100 dresses with her.

Mom has made many of these Little Dresses in the past, but decided to challenge herself to finish all 20 in nine days! 

We put together kits to add to solid fabric panels that were furnished by the guild. It was a good way to use stash fabrics. 

A huge part of the fun for Mom is that she designs each dress a bit differently than any others.

As you can see there are dresses that are similar but no two are identical.

She is one amazing, talented and giving lady. There will be 20 more little girls somewhere in Africa that will smile each day because of her kindness and generosity. 


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  1. Wow, your mum made a great job!
    Thank you for stopping at my blog. For back I have used IKEA fabric. I do not show the top of quilt, because it is a secret for now.