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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Art Show

We have been hearing so much about the new alcohol inks that Mom decided to try them. 
Part of Mom's birthday present from us were the inks and various tools, sponges, and some special paper needed for this technique. 
One day soon maybe Mom and Amy will allow me into their "play time" to take some pictures. I have only heard about how the magic happens but would love to see it in detail.

I think we need to make sure that they don't run out of paper or supplies. I have lots of walls to fill!!
These are some of the paintings Mom has finished.

 This was my birthday present this year. Mom captured pure joy in this painting. The colors are my favorites. It  is hung in my studio right over my clock. So when I look at it I can remember now is the time to be joyful. Thanks Mom. I love you.
Here is a closeup. The bright white spot is a reflection from the camera flash, not part of the painting.
 This is another one of Mom's recent paintings. It really looks like you are under the sea. 

If you look closely in the upper left quadrant it almost looks like a fish is emerging from some seaweed. 

This is an oil painting that has traveled with us from home to new home over the years. It is a biggie--27x33. It hangs over our fireplace in the family room and 
we love it.
This is especially for Keith's Man Cave. The colors are just right for his room.
He loves this, what is not to love?
Close up of Keith's painting.

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