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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Relaxing Knitting Project

Today I needed a new project to knit. So I decided on a pair of mittens for charity. I am frustrated with my Lazy Katy shawl and finished my easy shawl.

The pattern I chose is very easy. It is a two needle mitten. The hint was to knit both at the same time using a center pull ball of yarn. You knit one mitten from the yarn that comes from the outside of the ball and the other from the yarn that comes out of the inside of the ball. I have knit lots of mittens this way. So no big deal.

Easy right? Relaxing right? NOT AT ALL RELAXING 

While I was with my good friend Deb for our weekly get together, we worked together to untangle the yarn several times. I have spent more time untangling the yarn than it would have taken me to knit the mittens.

Lazy Katy is coming along nicely, but the lace edging is fine on the long side and wonky on the short side. Gotta ravel it tonight and see how to fix it.

Close up of the lace border--the good side.

My Easy shawl that I just finished. The knitting is super easy and the yarn makes the statement.

The yarns are both hand dyed mohair, the thicker yarn is a boucle and then thinner just a fine mohair. Glad to have this one done.

Happy Tuesday evening,

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