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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mom's Birthday Quilt

This is the print in Mom's bedroom that we used for our inspiration of her birthday quilt. Sorry for the grainy pictures, but you can get the idea.

This is a Karen K Stone pattern called Unusual Lone Star. It is featured in her book Karen K. Stone Quilts

Mom and I had great fun deciding which fabrics were appropriate for the star. We also had to decide how many fabrics for each color group. We so enjoyed that process.

There are 128 pieced units in the star. Each unit has 6 pieces. The units are a diamond shape. 

Mom has taken the units home and has laid them out on her bed to decide where  they all should live in the star!! 

Placement of the units is a job that is tedious at best. If you move one unit then it changes the look of all the surrounding units and will likely begin a chain reaction of switching units. She has finally after a number of days decided the design in just right. 

Mom took several days to work on the star. She is a fine artist, a painter and told me that the way she paints is to work on the painting and then go away from it and to come back later and to see how it looks. As wise woman she is. 

Next she is marking each unit with a code for exact placement in the star. I will sew them together and then we will have the fun of auditioning fabrics for the background. 

The star only covers the top of Mom's queen size bed. We need to design the rest of the quilt.

I will keep you posted on our progress. 

In the meantime have a wonderful safe weekend,


Closer look at the units in the center of the star

Cloeup of one of the 8 arms of the star

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